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MilestoneHealth, LLC, was started in 2015 by Lisa Dandrea Lenell, a Physician Assistant with years of practical experience in Patient Care Delivery, Practice Administration, Revenue Cycle Management and EHR Implementation / Optimization. Lisa has worked on both sides of the EHR industry and realized the need to fill the gap between information technology vendors and the practices they serve.

At MilestoneHealth, we focus on streamlining and optimizing your implementation by working with you and the vendor to drive the results your practice needs. After the implementation we shift to results-driven continuous improvement to help you leverage your EHR and refine operations to achieve your long-term organizational goals. 


​We are MilestoneHealth, a Chicago, IL-based firm dedicated to providing the industry’s best EHR consulting services.

We support all healthcare organizations big and small and are committed to helping you get the most out of your EHR.

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